What we can do for you

Unity Farms consolidates meal prep companies using an economy of scale model to reduce overhead, combined with capital and powerful marketing to maximize revenues and profits.

Business Analysis

We analyze your business to get a firm grasp on the strengths and weaknesses.

New Products

We introduce new products into existing channels to drive sales.

Optimize Utilization

We create efficiencies of scale through our portfolio.

Increase Revenue

We grow the bottom line by focusing our resources.

We seek underutilized companies to expand & scale growth.

Unity Farms provides benefits to struggling meal prep companies by integrating proprietary mobile and web application technologies, to enhance the customer experience, along with a unique value proposition that creates distinction for the consumer.

Our model succeeds by folding in your loyal customers under one highly efficient base of operations – resulting in increased revenues and profits, and shareholder value for our acquisition partners. We do this by streamlining order entry, labor, diverse product offerings, packaging and related logistics.

We offer options & flexibility

Acquire Your Company Outright

Partner or Merge

Increase Your Take Home Income

Provide Capital & Credit Lines

Greater Upside / Less Risk

Optimize Customers / Market & Manage

Capital Resources & Investment0%

Strategy & Analysis0%

Economies of Scale & Growth0%

We help drive growth & profits by combining the assets of food services companies under one efficient platform

Our team

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of business experts and finance advisors.

In joining the Unity Farms family as acquisition partners, new shareholders will recognize an exponential return

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on investment without any further risk or liability. We accomplish this by building significant brand equity in our product offerings; to include high margin supplements, mobile application subscriptions, and other related services and

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products that earn more wallet share per customer.

Our Team

Unity Farms Team (7)

Dr. Scott Hays

Managing Partner

Dr. Scott Hays is a nationally recognized nutrition and supplement formations expert, specializing in food products. Dr. Hays’ products have collectively grossed over one billion dollars in global sales. Dr. Hays is a leading authority on alternative health, and has served as a nutritional advisor for a variety of private medical groups. Dr. Hays earned his Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry from the International Academy of Nutritional Sciences.

Unity Farms Team (6)

Steve Kelly


Steve Kelly brings 40 years of experience as a chief executive, entrepreneur and investor, responsible for oversight in all aspects of business operations and supply chain management. Steve’s broad skillset includes, supplier management, contract negotiations, inventory tracking, financial analysis, and salesforce management. Steve’s investments span food products and related services and supplements, where he was a co-founder of a $60M worldwide sports nutrition company.


Ankur kavathiya

Marketing & Technology

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Next Web, FastCo, The WSJ, Fox, Fox News, TIME Magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc. and many others.

Unity Farms Team (8)

Tomas Zubicek

Senior Analyst

Tomas Zubicek understands complex business environments, where he specializes in an organization’s ability to manage constant change through innovation and focused growth. Traditional methods no longer lead to reaching objectives when economic conditions are unfavorable. That’s where business analysis comes in.


Joey Ko

Acquisitions and Operations

Joey Ko is the Founder of Fresh & Fit Meals, and scaled his business from zero to a multi-million dollar business. He is one of the early innovators of meal prep and has been recognized for his work and vision through loyal customer and recognition in the press. His ability to lead and scale companies is proven in his successful track record.


Cori Z

Design Head

Marden Morales has been an operator of businesses he’s invested in for 9 years. He helped take company’s e-commerce from $150k/year to $500k/year, to $1.3M/year. He uses data to project future moves and results. He creates or adds multiple product lines to increase market share.


Who Is Unity Farms?

Unity Farms Investment Group LLC is a holding company, born from a larger investment group in the food services, nutraceutical and technology sector. Unity Farms seeks to acquire meal prep companies and related food services businesses that compliment each other, and can be made more profitable and efficient under one-streamline operation.

How Can Unity Farms Help Me?

Unity Farms provides the capital, marketing, branding and technology, that allows smaller, struggling meal prep companies to grow in this fast changing and competitive market.

Why Hasn't My Company Been Able To Grow Faster And Become More Profitable?

Any business is difficult to grow without adequate operating capital and working reserves. Most small businesses are bootstrapped with the limited capital and assets of its owners, which limits expansion due to little or no time to work on your business” rather than in it. Many small business owners start out with the goal of simply doing something they love to create financial security for their families. Some have higher expectations to be bought out someday by a larger organization. Unfortunately with so much competition there is a lack of true brand distinction that sets you apart from the rest, where the focus fast becomes keeping your customers rather then acquiring more. As a result, owners often find themselves financing a high stress, low paying job, rather then an expanding business. Fixed overhead, which is primarily kitchen costs and staffing inefficiencies, results in very thin

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How Does This Change If I Join Unity Farms?

Unity Farms does more then distinguish its brands in the market, but creates an economy of scale, which is simply defined as “a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.”  By way of example, the average small meal prep company has less then 250 active weekly customers and more then 25% attrition, where it costs as much to operate at this level as it would with 500-750 customers. So at an approximate gross revenue of $100k per month after cost of goods and operating costs, the average net profit is less then $10k per month, or a 10% net margin. Unity Farms has multiple kitchens that operation 24/7, and purchases goods at a higher discount, therefore creating margins better then 26% with the same customer volume. This means less work for more gain or no work at all if your goal is be a part of our bigger picture.

Why Can't I Become Freshly, Blue Apron, Or Hello Fresh?

In concert with the above, growth in any sector is marketing, marketing, and marketing. And that takes a lot of money. But also logistical efficiency through intuitive mobile and web applications that make the user experience robust and seamless. Think Amazon. You get exactly what you want at the push of button, using your phone, sometimes in the same day, at the best prices. The meal prep sector is no different. Large food companies and the venture capital market see this clearly and as a result mergers and acquisitions in this sector are exploding. Nestle invested $77M in Freshly. Blue Apron is valued at $2B and does 4M meals a month. Sun Basket raised over $20M from Vulcan Ventures and other capital partners. It is only a matter of time before the thousands of small meal prep companies either fail entirely or are acquired.

Who Will Acquire Me If Not Unity Farms?

The answer unfortunately is likely nobody if you have less than 5000 customers and revenues that exceed $5M a year. Very large sector giants that want the cream of

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the crop drive acquisitions in any market. They understand that the 90% of the small guys will eventually fail naturally by losing market share or running out of capital, resulting in a reabsorption of their fragmented customer base into more recognized brands that are ripe for acquisition later.

Can't We Just Raise Money And Do It Ourselves?

Unfortunately most small business owners learn the hard way that money is by no means abundant for the small guys. Banks only lend if you have substantial assets to secure, and the venture market wants 90% of your company, assuming you ever attract their attention, which is almost impossible with less then 1000 customers. You cannot grow a business with profits – it’s just not enough. This forces small business owners to seek further investment from “Friends and Family,” most often at a very low valuation. This results in further dilution of equity and take home profits, or worse, having to deal with very difficult, unsophisticated investors that make life very difficult eventually.

So Why Does Unity Farms Want Me?

Unity Farms has a unique business model, where based on the above math can add thousands of new customers a year that would otherwise be lost to competition. Conversely we retain our acquired customers by offering goal-driven menu planning, high margin related supplements, and proprietary software, which allows for extensive menu diversity, fast delivery, and a better price point. This formula accommodates the performance nutrition market, primarily Palio & Whole 30, and the weight loss market, where Keto is now the frontrunner. We also offer a very unique macro-balanced, low card deserts and savory snacks that make eating fun, thereby supporting the goals of our customers. The market wants convenience, price and great food, but not without results. Unity Farms has it all.

What Does A Deal With Unity Farms Look Like?

Unity Farms creates opportunity in a variety of ways. In some cases we will buy your business outright. Other times we will acquire a part of it with the intent to reassess or have you roll up later. The assets that are of value to us are simply the customers, unless you have a larger kitchen arrangement that will support our growing operation. In most cases the kitchens are leases or shared, and the equipment is of little value to us. We seek to work with you to transition your loyal customers, with the goal being 90% retention, including remarking to your list of customers that were lost or went elsewhere for whatever reason. We assess the value of your business and come up with a number. Once we do, we present an offer and proposed structure that meets your goals.

Can I Be A Part Of The Big Picture?

Absolutely! We value savvy owners that have made it this far. If your goal is to remain in this business and benefit as a partner-shareholder, we will convert all or part of your buyout into equity in Unity Farms, and discuss with you options to continue and earn current compensation while furthering your upside potential.

What's My Upside In Unity Farms?

Unity Farms creates shareholder value one of two ways, or both. As our profits grow the company becomes more valuable, and that means your equity and distribution do as

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well. So the shorter-term goal is to get more return on your investment, and the longer term goal being to cash out, where Unity Farms intends to sell to a major acquiring for upwards of $100M in the next three years. This means that you go along with us. It’s that simple. Think of it like this: If you were a small grocery store that was bought buy Whole Foods, and years later was acquired by Amazon, which it was, your return on investment would be exponentially more then anything you could have built in likely ten years. And if you’re a part of our growing organization, you’ll have the opportunity for more gain through stock options.


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Happens To Our Menu?

This is a great question that everyone asks. We start by creating a landing page that pops up when your customers go to your site, which announces your partnership with Unity Farms. We tell your story and highlight your accomplishments, and confirm that all their great menu options will still be available, along with many more to now choose from. Your customers will now be able to select new and exciting dishes that are based on their metabolic profile and goals, including Paleo, Keto, Non Dairy, and specialty low carb deserts we call our “Pops.” These on the go nutrient rich treats are classified as our savory, sweet and power pops.

What Happens To Our Employees?

Unfortunately we can’t take everyone with us. Our business model is based on maximum efficiency and economy of scale – the goal being not to replicate the same job, but fully utilize the staff we have. However, we are fast expanding, and depending on when you join us, there may be options for some of your employees and key management. Our focus is on your financial security first and foremost.

How Do I Get Started?

Once we meet you and decide there is a good chemistry, we will provide you a check list of due diligence items that we need to analyze your business and asses its value. We do this in less then a week. Once that’s complete, we setup another meeting to discuss options, and/or your continued involvement if there’s a fit within our organization. Our goal is acquire more then 200 small meal prep companies in the next year. You might be a great candidate. Let’s make it happen.

Our portfolio of companies.

Get in touch

We look forward to

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